Brockhampton dropped two new singles today and fans are extremely excited.
Brockhampton has been known as hip-hop’s signature boyband over the past few years and thanks to the Saturation series, they were able to get themselves a massive cult following. Since their breakout success in 2017, Brockhampton has been blessing fans with a ton of new music and early this morning, they came through with two new tracks. The first was called “N.S.T.” and their latest effort has been dubbed “things can’t stay the same.”

The title of the song is a great metaphor for the sound of the track as it is a large deviation from their signature upbeat, silky sound. On this song, Kevin Abstract and Matt Champion offer up some lowkey verses that are backed up by a skeletal beat.

It appears as though both of these songs are meant to be teasers for a new album called Technical Difficulties although that remains to be seen.

Quotable Lyrics:

Summertime, I got my head out the window
Your car smell like weed, it’s that good Texas Indo
Back when nobody believed in me except for yo
They don’t accept you, unless they get to dress you

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