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Cochise – TAXIN Lyrics

Posted by on July 26, 2020 0

TAXIN By Cochise
Track: TAXIN
Album: TAXIN
Artists: Cochise
Released on: 2020-07-24
TAXIN Lyrics:

Tax, tax, tax, tax (He get)
Tax, tax, tax, tax (He get)
Tax, tax, tax, tax (He get)
Tax, tax, tax, tax

I had to double the racks
The FN it cost bout a sack
My brother just flew down a pack
I did had to tell ’em relax
I did had to take out packs
I did had to buy out the max
And no I don’t have any tats
I did had to come with the hat

Uh huh, let me get that check
Uh huh, let me get that rent
Uh huh, let me break yo’ neck
Uh huh, let me get that cahh

Count money to the ceiling
Shawty she catching the feelings
Just like a book I’m am reading
Shawty looking appealing

All in my bag, hussle
Me and my cash, couples
Me and racks double
Heard they watching me just like hudl
And I’m sharing my chips like it’s ruffles
That boy wanna be me, talking bumble
He gon’ wet on the street like a puddle
Just like wukong I stay in the jungle

I don’t think they like me
Heard they wanna fight me
I be rocking Nike
I heard he rapping on my type beats
I feel like Gucci cause I might be
Movie I’m Spike Lee
Inna a cut in the trap in a white tee
This Cochise ain’t doing biting

While you in the trap, I’m in the store
I’m in the racks, I make it pour
Want a umbrella from Christian Dior
No I don’t wanna go to any tour
God on my side and he blessing me more
Stick em up, we about to rob in the store
It don’t even matter if you rich or you poor
I don’t wanna hear a word, put ya hands on the floor
They tryna know where I get that
I can not say where I get that
Walk around holding them big sacks
Yeah I walk round holding the big racks
That’s my style, need my lil’ fit back
I need healing I bought me a stimpak
I might blow on the beat like a Semtex
Ya government cheese
I want a house in the keys
I want a car with no keys
I had to pray on my knees
God on my side never leave




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