Download Mp3: Radamiz – GRATITUDE IS GANGSTA + Instrumental

Brooklyn rapper Radamiz pays tribute to his city, the Black Lives Matter movement and his hip-hop predecessors on a new single titled “GRATITUDE IS GANGSTA.”

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m in a class of my own like a TA
I was in the room for Cass vs. Freeway
I was in the room when Kool Herc learned to DJ
R-A-D-A, damn
I can’t be no king with no heart
How we gon’ all be millionaires if you ain’t playing your part?
I ate the flesh of the shark
I disinfected my squad
How you gon’ make it up to Heaven? You ain’t accepting your dark
Ain’t always keep it 100, I used to chainsmoke the shorts
I had to lie like I was lit, I had to kill the remorse