Unarguably the most blown beat and single in Nigeria at this present moment in the year 2021 is FOCUS DANCE BEAT created by the Ikorodu born record and music producer, AJIMOVOIX DRUMS

Here are some facts you need to know about the focus dance beat and it’s maker / creator AJIMOVOIX DRUMS

Do you know FOCUS DANCE BEAT was made out of Ikorodu and was created by AJIMOVOIX DRUMS ???
focus dance beat made its way from the mainland to the island , from TikTok to Instagram , from home to abroad etc ,

Do you know the trending beat and single FOCUS DANCE was 3 years old before it came to lime light ???
24 June 2019 on this day this sound and beat focus dance beat was created by AJimovoix drums and was also mixed and master by Flavoured mixing

Do you know AJIMOVOIX also had couples of trending sounds before he also introduced FOCUS DANCE BEAT to the world ???
before the fame and recognition AJimovoix made 2 of the most trended beats and instrumental in Nigeria which also traveled beyond Africa 2017-2020 named

Do you know the original and first name to focus dance beat was titled PLAYPLAY BEAT ???
from a right source it was disclosed that the original title to the most trending sound was PLAY PLAY BEAT before the world renamed it to be FOCUS DANCE BEAT

Do you know after the realease of focus dance AJimovoix drums net worth has increased by 60% which made him worth $45,000
from Ajimovoix social media pages you will notice the difference of his past and present life, a lot have really changed about him so far to the point he moves with hailisted artists , DJs ,Producers etc

Do you know aside music the trending music producer is also a fish farmer ???
Has he has disclosed on most of his interviews both on tv and radio , he does says and i quote aside music my side hustle is farming.