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G Herbo ft Lil Durk – Real One

G Herbo ft Lil Durk – Real One

Posted by on May 31, 2020 0

G Herbo ft Lil Durk – Real One


 G Herbo ft Lil Durk – Real One MP3 DOWNLOAD

G Herbo ft Lil Durk has finally released his highly anticipated song dubbed, “Real One.”

Take a tune in and appreciate the melody beneath and mention to us what you think.

Download & Listen below:

Quotable Lyrics:

Had a couple n****s on our hit list, so we ridin’ with four (Check ‘ em, four)
And I ain’t give a fuck if it’s Christmas, I was outside for sure
And we on one, pop out, roll up, movin’ quick, gotta get the seal like hold up
Gettin’ a kit, used to pour a six or a four up
N****s bitches, war time, we was watchin’ ’em fold up (Fold up)
And if the feds ever grab my fuckin’ folder
I’ma stay a soldier (Stay a soldier)




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