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Juice Wrld’s ex-girlfriend says he took up to 3 Percocet pills daily and mixed drugs with cough syrup concoction

Juice Wrld’s ex-girlfriend says he took up to 3 Percocet pills daily and mixed drugs with cough syrup concoction

Posted by on December 11, 2019 0

Alexia Smith, the ex-girlfriend of rapper Juice Wrld, has come out to speak about the late rapper’s alleged struggle with drugs.

The 21-year-old from Livonia, Michigan met Juice Wrld at the start of his career in Chicago in early 2018. She claimed they began dating before breaking up around October 2018 due to arguments and fights that turned physical.

In the exclusive interview with Mail Online, she said Wrld would take up to three potent Percocet pills a day and mix the drugs with a cough syrup concoction called lean.

Smith said: ‘Seven days away from me, he ended up in the hospital. When he was away from me for seven days, he ended up hospitalized from collapsing on stage. One year away from me, and he’s dead.’

Alexia claims that Juice Wrld once told her that ‘someone from a label gave him morphine and cocaine’ while she visited him.

‘He didn’t do the coke but the point was, in the beginning, labels were fighting over him so bad they would have given him anything.’

Smith alleged that Higgins struggled with his mental health and was depressed, explaining that’s why he turned to drugs – mainly Percocet and lean – a mixture of codeine cough syrup and soda.

She believed the rapper took up to three of the painkillers at a dose of 30mg at a time, even while he tried to hide his Percocet use her as she urged him to get clean.

‘[That’s] already a lot but the problem was he was drinking lean on top of it,’ she said.

The 21-year-old said that the rapper Future was a big influence in the Wuld’s lean consumption, who told the superstar last year that his music inspired him to try the addictive drink when he was still a teen.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Future said he was shocked and was ‘really bothered’ by the confession, adding: ‘I was like ”Oh s**t. What the f**k have I done?” How many other sixth-graders did I influence to drink lean?’

Juice Wrld, whose real name was Jarad Anthony Higgins suffered a seizure after arriving at Chicago’s Midway airport and was bleeding from the mouth when paramedics got to the scene on Sunday, December 8, 2019.  He was conscious while being rushed to the hospital, but was pronounced dead shortly after he arrived at the medical facility.




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