Popular Nigerian Vlogger, ‘Feezah’ took to Twitter to inform ladies to stop being ashamed of their period.

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One day, I needed to get pads, so I went to the pharmacy with my male friend to get some. When I was trying to decide what brand and flow type to pick, he asked how they differed, and I explained to him in full detail. I even gave him the one I was holding to feel the texture.

The ladies at the counter stared in awe, confusion and possibly disgust. They couldn’t understand why I would divulge such information, and shamelessly too. Periods are always treated as a thing of shame. “Don’t let them know you’re menstruating”, “Cover up fast, you’re stained”

Don’t even get me started on all the many words and phrases that have been used to hide periods and all that they come with; “mp”, “red visitor”, “monthly guest”, “eegun”. All for what? All to hide bleeding from your vagina; a natural phenomenon? Being muslim, it’s even worse

Because while menstruating, we aren’t to pray or fast. You need to see the evasiveness and possible shame that the average menstruating Muslim woman displays when a meddling man asks why she isn’t praying. Again, I ask, all for what? I remember not being able to eat whenever I’m not fasting during Ramadan, because I was made to believe that a menstruating woman should be ashamed that she is not able to fast. Ashamed that my good Lord decided to reduce my inconveniences during such an inconvenient period? No, please. Not anymore!

Today, my cousin gave me her pad to help keep in my bag. I held the bag carelessly and the pad was jutting out. Immediately she saw it, she quickly rushed to hide it back. I put it back the way it was and said something along the lines of “periods are normal, no need to hide.”

Ladies, I am not saying to take a microphone and announce whenever you’re on your period, but, at least, don’t be ashamed of it. Don’t put so much effort into hiding it, like you would a dead body, because, first of all, it is not your fault that your v@g!n@ expels blood monthly.

Secondly, it is a natural part of you, as natural as eating, sleeping and breathing. Being a woman alone comes with a level of internalized shame that society has forced on us right from birth. Let us not add to it. You are a work of art, anything less than that is not you.

I also think men need to do better at acting more naturally around the topic of menstruation. Na bleeding we bleed, we no kill person. Stop with the awkward evasion of the topic. There’s nothing emasculating about going to buy pads for the women in your lives. Okay? Okay? Okay.