Rapper, Lord Jamar, isn’t withdrawing on his issue with rapper Eminem, taking it to another level by quietly blaming the white rapper for being supremacist.

Eminem blasted Jamar on stage during a live show last month and Jamar, who runs a podcast show took to his Instagram account to share an old photo of Eminem, real names Marshall Matthers wearing a Will Smith mask at the 2000 MTV awards.


Although the mask doesn’t represent traditional images of Blackface, Jamar still took offence from the picture claiming the the Shady Records CEO was wearing a mask depicting the racist makeup, and even urging him to come to his podcast show and explain why he was wearing the mask.


Jamar in the post, now taken down by Instagram, said “Hey @eminem please put this in context for me…I’m trying to understand why you’d be clowning in a BLACKFACE MASK backstage at the MTV AWARDS?”

You should come on the YANADAMEEN GODCAST so we can discuss this among other things. #weneedanswers,”

“If it is a WILL SMITH MASK, what gives this WHITEBOY the right to wear it? Especially in EUROPE where he knew he could get away with it, also if it’s NO PROBLEM then why have these pics been hidden up until now? Jamar added.

Blackface is a form of theatrical make-up used predominantly by non-black performers to represent a caricature of a black person. The practice gained popularity during the 19th century and is seen as a very racist act.

Jamar and Eminem have been engaged in a beef ever since Eminem blasted him in his song, ‘Fall’ from the Kamikaze album.

In the 2000 MTV awards, Eminem  accepted his award for Best Album and released a pre-recorded video because he was absent for the awards show but  then appeared in a second video while wearing a Will Smith mask and apologized for missing out on the show.

Eminem for the most of his career has been best friends with black artistes and has done more music with black artistes that whites.

Last year he released a BET awards freestyle where be dissed Donald Trump for his ‘racist’ policies on blacks