A restorative specialist has described how a couple repaid him for his consideration when he enabled the spouse to get treatment first before paying.

He said the couple arrived at the A&E with the wife requiring an urgent cranial CT scan. They begged him that they do not have enough money because they left home in a hurry.


The doctor said he called a private facility to get the CT scan done even without pay and stood as a surety for the couple. The scan showed the woman had the early signs of a stroke and she was quickly treated.


Unfortunately, the doctor said that by morning, the couple had discharged themselves and left without paying.


When he got their number from their folder and called, he said the husband ended the call and switched off the phone as soon as he introduced himself.


Now, the doctor is left with a debt of 45,000 Naira to pay.


Other doctors who have experienced similar things also shared their stories.


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