Megan Thee Stallion - Something For Thee Hotties Lyrics and Tracklist

Megan Thee Stallion – Megan Monday Freestyle Lyrics

Real motherf**kin’ hot girl shit, ah
Still runnin’ through the mall with your motherf**kin’ daddy
(And if the beat live, you know Lil Ju made it)

I’m a hot girl, I don’t do titles
If I do date, it’ll be Michael
Keep shit spicy, T.I.P and Tiny
Yellow bone chick look like Kehlani
Freak in the sheets, freak on the beats
Nigg@s been hooked since “Big Ole Freak”
I realized that I was the shit when R&B nigg@s wanna start rap beef
These nigg@s ain’t got no name on ’em
Wish these ho£s stop tryna put claim on ’em
He come around me, get game on him
If he on go then I already came on him
These new ho£s sound like my mixtape
B*tches love saying my name like it’s clickbait
I don’t take shit if it come with conditions
I don’t rock shit if it come in his name
I’m not your bed or your couch so don’t sleep on me
Look like a lick then I’m puttin’ the freak on him
All of these nigg@s is beggin’ to hang
‘Cause my b*tch a Young Thug and I am the Rich Homie
Boy, I ain’t finna read all that text
Don’t know what it said, but I sent, “That’s a bet”
Lately, my patience been getting real low
Lately, I feel like I need more respect
It was the money for me, ayy, he gon’ go dummy for me, ayy
He ain’t that cute, but he could dress, it’s the Patek for me, ayy
It was the knees for him, hmm, the way that it squeeze for him, ayy
He done f*cked a whole lotta b*tches, but it was the me for him, ayy
Y’all wanna take me out so bad, I make all of y’all ho£s so mad
Ho£s went and bought them big @ss teeth, even y’all smiles still goin’ out sad
Ho£s got jokes, but don’t ever wanna stand up
Ho£s got balls, but you know I got handles
Damn, I must be Olivia Pope ’cause y’all keep puttin’ me in all of these scandals
He wanna hit one more time, I ain’t Britney
Don’t need no closure, my diamonds got clarity
Tellin’ his new b*tch that he don’t do Instagram
Really, he hate when he scroll and see pics of me
Like a new show, all these nigg@s is into me
Funny how besties turn into my enemies
I must be playin’ peekaboo ’cause these ho£s really can’t see me, ah

Real motherf**kin’ hot girl shit
Real motherf**kin’ Megan Monday shit
The motherf**kin’ freestyle queen, the freestyle pro
Young Tina Snow for them ho£s that ain’t know, ah