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Posted by on January 6, 2020 0

Dear friends, colleagues and students,

It’s also offered us a chance to think and rethink how best to proceed in our go after development.

The University system wasn’t spared during this scenario. Many universities were enmeshed in crises of leadership and governance also as those emanating from poor funding and indeed (mis) management of it. Thank God, our University remained largely peaceful, though not because we had an ideal situation.

With the privilege of being on the seat as your Vice-Chancellor in last 56 days approximately , I even have seen a mirrored image of the important Nigerian society in our fledgling institution-some of which are frighteningly negative. But then, I even have also seen the reassuringly great potential for a contemporary and efficient university. With the good possibilities of the latter, therefore, i will be able to not dwell much on the previous . In ten years of its existence, this University is now saddled together with her fifth Chief military officer . Excepting the primary five years of relative stability, it means we’ve had a mean of 1 Vice-Chancellor per annum . this is often certainly, not an excellent complement! on behalf of me , I sincerely hope and believe that lessons would are learnt, and that we shall all resolve that nevermore shall the sordid years recur.

I solemnly offer myself to supply exemplary, humane, humble, honest, skilful, diligent and fair but firm leadership. I even have seen these attributes during a number of our colleagues, and indeed, the willingness to advance the explanation for our core mandate. I, therefore, admonish you all to hitch me in our resolve to maneuver on a replacement trajectory which will raise the image of our University and make us relevant to the society that invests such a lot in us. we should always all resolve to eschew hatred, particularly those borne out of primordial tendencies. We are all a neighborhood of God’s creation: one big but diverse family, and if HE had willed it to be so, this AWESOME GOD could have lumped us beat an equivalent race, tribe, ethnicity and creed. We therefore, need to understand our differences/diversities and optimize the strength that comes with them. that’s the essence of a University.

The new UNIOSUN will haven’t any space for haters, bigots, truants, schemers, praise-singers, laziness, fraud, greed, avarice and other un-salutary tendencies. we’ll encourage and reward selflessness, diligence, excellence and every one salutary tendencies. what is going to mark us out as an excellent university are the advances we make in our borderless core mandate of teaching, research and community service. we should always exerting to maneuver faraway from being just more of a contract-awarding and consumptive university to an ingenious and productive one. this is often possible, and yes, we can.

Nigeria’s public Universities became notorious for top costs of projects, which aren’t necessarily of higher quality. this may demand belt-tightening, transparency, accountability and commitment to our core values. Even within the extant topsy-turvy, an oasis of sanity remains possible- and UNIOSUN are often a point of reference . Let me however; assure you all that nobody are going to be denied of his/her rightful dues. we’ll have enough to satisfy our needs, but never will there be enough to satisfy anyone’s greed.

As we start the year 2020, I salute our Staff Unions for the journey thus far and that i implore them to sustain their commitment to our commonwealth through responsible and responsive unionism. I plead with our students to be law abiding, more studious and fewer adventurous. With love, diligence and respect for each other and therefore the rule of law, an excellent university is feasible , and our greatest will definitely come, even sooner. 

May God of creation direct our noble cause and guide us alright . Amen.

Happy and prosperous New Year to us and every one ours.

With renewed thanks,

01 January, 2020




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