An Ebonyi-based shoemaker, Sharon Akpa, is furious after she found out that one of her apprentices has been poaching her customers in her absence.

According to the lady, she found out that this apprentice usually collects the numbers of her customers in her absence and convince them that she’ll make the footwear for them instead of them buying from Sharon’s shop.

She wrote,

“Just finished discussing with my mom and learnt one of my apprentice usually collect the numbers of people who came to the shop in my absence to buy footwear, she collects their numbers and somehow convinces them that she will make same footwear for them instead of buying from my shop,”

“I have been screaming, like I’m beyond livid, I was in Lagos for nine days, and I send money for feeding to my mom and son from my account, I was actually wondering why the market was so slow considering that I know the little money that comes daily from the shop should be enough to cook.

“My mom didn’t understand what was going on, right in her presence, this people were doing this, no wahala. Time shall tell.”