NLE Choppa is about to release his first major-label album “Top Shotta.”
NLE Choppa has continued to be one of the most exciting new artists in hip-hop thanks to his high-energy songs that showcase some versatile talents. On some tracks, NLE gives you some shouted flows that will immediately get you amped up. However, he is also able to deliver more melodic tracks, which is exactly what he did on his latest effort, “Narrow Road,” featuring Lil Baby.

This is one of the singles leading up to NLE’s upcoming debut album Top Shottaand it’s certainly a great teaser. Throughout the track, we get a catchy melodic vocal line, all while the artist raps about his come up and how he’s had to overcome adversity.

Give this song a spin and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

They tell me, “Think smart,” (Think smart), I know right from wrong (Oh)
They tell me I’ma get life with this dirty chrome (Get life)
Well, you would rather take a life before they take your own (The Don Dada)
And bitch, I been through some shit, I came from a broken home
I got a different mentality, bitch, it’s kill or be killed (Kill or, yeah)