Playboy model Lauryn Elaine tied up with hound rope by conceal men and looted at gunpoint

Playboy model and Hollywood on-screen character Lauryn Elaine was tied with a canine chain and looted by veiled men at her North Hollywood home as per a report by TMZ.

According to TMZ who had access to the police report, Elaine arrived at her home at around 11:45 p.m. on Wednesday to find her front door broken. By the time she entered the house two masked men came out from her room and her brother’s room, pointed guns to her and tied her with a dog leash.

The men then took $30,000 in cash from her purse after ransacking her house. Lauryn is reported okay and the police are working round the clock to find the robbers responsible for her predicament.

“Lauryn noticed her front door was busted in when she got home at 11:45 PM Wednesday in North Hollywood and, when she entered, 2 men came out of her bedroom and one out of her brother’s.” A Law enforcement official told TMZ.

“We’re told the men had masks on their faces, and one pointed a gun at her at demanded she open her safe. Our sources say the men tied her up with a dog leash, and took more than $30k in cash and her purse.”


TMZ reporting on the incident said on their website “We’ve obtained video of the aftermath … and Lauryn’s pad is absolutely trashed. It looks like the suspects ransacked every room, overturned furniture, smashed a mirror on a closet door and busted up the floor.”

“Lauryn points out where they put her on the ground with her hands and feet bound. Our sources say cops are looking for any video in the area to help them identify the masked intruders.”

“After they fled, Lauryn managed to free herself and ran outside to get help.”