Tupac – Changed Man Feat. T.I. Mp3 Download

On 2Pac’s posthumous album “Better Dayz,” a young Tip Harris stole the show on the Jazze Pha-produced “Changed Man.”
2Pac’s death remains one of hip-hop’s biggest tragedies, spawning countless what-if scenarios regarding potential collaborations. And while proper answers remain out of reach, many posthumous albums have provided a window into what Pac would have sounded like alongside some of the game’s best emcees. In 2002, the double-disc Better Dayz project found him connecting with a young and hungry Tip Harris, who hopped on board for the Jazze Pha remix of “Changed Man.”

An introduction to T.I. for many young listeners, the Atlanta rapper easily stood out with a breakneck flow; though it’s difficult to say whether he and Pac would have connected as men, they certainly made for a compelling duet on wax. As for Pac, he sounds at home over Jazze Pha’s twangy guitar-driven production, an unconventional but effective pairing evocative of the early millennium sound. A far cry from Pac’s sound while living, but an appreciated experiment all the same. Plus, it’s interesting to hear T.I. at the onset at his career, securing a spot alongside one of hip-hop’s enduring legends. Relive this one for yourself right here.


And fuck your homeboys n***a we can drop the guns
I hit your block and we can box for fun
N***a one on one, last to fall is a ballin’ cat
It’s Death Row, why the fuck you think we call it that?
So if you knew me in my past life
Don’t act like we homeboys, ain’t no love in the fast life