Tupac Shakur ‘Alive’ Theory After His ‘Double’ Spotted At Las Vegas Mgm Grand

Tupac Shakur ‘Alive’ Theory After His ‘Double’ Spotted At Las Vegas Mgm Grand

This time, a fan believes that the sighting of a ‘body double’ puts Tupac at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas on the same night he was shot dead.

Conspiracy theorists have examined the footage of the 25-year-old rapper walking through the lobby of the hotel.

Tupac was fatally wounded in a drive-by shooting on September 7, 1996, hours after watching the Bruce Seldon vs Mike Tyson boxing match that was being staged at the hotel.

He died in hospital from his wounds on September 13.

It has been alleged that Tupac was involved in an altercation with a member of the Crips gang, who was seen in the lobby of the MGM hotel on the night of his shooting.

The rapper, also known as 2Pac and Makaveli, has had fans poring over footage of the MGM lobby, which has been posted to his MrMakaveli channel.

The theory is explained by one of the rapper’s fans. They said: “You know on this footage of Tupac walking into the MGM lobby, I don’t know if anyone ever noticed but he walks right past his body double.”

They went on to give the reasons why they believe it is a body double, who went on to be shot leaving the ‘real’ Tupac to walk free.
“He’s standing in the shadow, Tupac is under the light.

“He’s got the same chain on, you can see it’s the same chain because it’s hanging out, you can see the back of the chain out of the back of his shirt.”

“Look at it, it’s right here, this is the body double.”

There has been a mixed reception to the video, with some saying that this could be a ‘plausible’ retelling of the night that Tupac was shot.

Others still insist that this is a load of baloney and that Tupac was shot and killed as per the widely reported story.

The YouTuber defended his theory though and even claimed that Tupac’s family was in on it.

They commented that his family was “just trying to protect him,” but some are finding this very hard to believe.