Two children have died after the fence of a school collapsed on them.

The children, a 3-year-old boy named Samat Saheed and an unnamed 9-year-old girl, were in front of Covenant Point Academy at Ajose Street, in the Amukoko area of Lagos State, when the fence collapsed.

Samat, who was playing near the school, which is close to his mother’s shop, was instantly crushed to death as his head suffered most of the damage.

The girl was just passing in front of the school when the fence collapsed and she lost consciousness. She died shortly after.

The owner of the school has been arrested.

“The police came around and they arrested the owner of the school building. The building has no pillars, they just stacked blocks. The building was not well structured at all; there was no wiring, no pillar, and nothing to hold the building together that’s why it fell easily,” a resident told Punch.

Officials from the Lagos State Building Control Agency visited the area on Sunday morning, September 11, to inspect the building.