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U.S. military strikes Taliban forces in first hit since signing historic peace deal

U.S. military strikes Taliban forces in first hit since signing historic peace deal

Posted by on March 5, 2020 0

The United States Military has launched military strikes against the Taliban forces in Afghanistan, it’s first military strike in 11 days, and it’s first strike since the US, Taliban forces and Afghan government signed a historic peace deal that was meant to end the 18 year old war in the country.

U.S. military spokesman Col. Sonny Leggett said in a tweet that the “defensive” strike was the first U.S. attack against the militants in 11 days and that the attack was to counter a Taliban assault on Afghan government forces in Nahr-e Saraj in the southern Helmand province.

The Afghan Interior Ministry says that four civilians and 11 troops were killed Wednesday in a wave of Taliban attacks across the country .

The peace deal signed between the US and Taliban forces had four major phases;
The Taliban ensures that there will be no attacks or fighting within the country for a period of 11 days, 6400 out of 13,000 US troops will leave Afghanistan in four months time while the Taliban meet certain anti-terrorism conditions, In 14 months time all US troops will be pulled out of Afghanistan giving the Afghan government, and the Taliban control over their homeland.

But all phases were all dependent on the promise that Taliban forces refrain from attacking the Afghan government or US interests, and it seems the US were incensed that the Taliban launched almost 40 assaults on Afghan forces in Helmand between Tuesday and Wednesday, hence it’s retaliation.

President Donald Trump confirmed Tuesday that he spoke on the phone to a Taliban leader, making him the first U.S. president to have ever spoken directly with the militant group.




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