Bandits chop off man’s hands in Zamfara

Bandits chop off man’s hands in Zamfara

A resident of Zamfara state identified as Samaila Muhammad has had his hands amputated by bandits in the state.


The occurred after the bandits stormed his residence in Walo community of Kaura Namoda local government area of the state.


Samila’s brother, Abdullahi Mohammed, who disclosed that his hands were chopped off during the attack, told Daily Trust;


“My brother, Samaila and I are currently on admission in the hospital because I got a fractured arm and leg too.

“It was around 11: 30 pm when the armed criminals struck. They forced themselves into our residence and began to look for where we have kept our animals. We began to hear noise and we grabbed our torchlights and got out of our rooms to find out what was happening. I saw one of the armed men trying to get control of our chickens and I beamed my torchlight on him.

“He fired a shot at my direction even though the bullet did not hit me. I swiftly moved away from the position I stood. They began to pack chickens and when my brother challenged them, one of them brought out a machete and cut off one his hands, before he made any attempt to escape the attack the armed man cut off the other hand too.

“Our community has suffered series of deadly attacks in the past and we have suffered a lot of humiliations, including rape of women. We currently responding to treatment and we are getting better after we have spent days in the medical facility.”