"Don't play with me when it comes to my children" Kim Kardashian slams those doubting that her daughter North actually painted an art work that has her name on it

Kim Kardashian has slammed people who doubted that her daughter North actually did a painting she shared online.

Kim shared on Instagram the painting 7-year-old North West did at her painting class. Kim’s best friend, Tracy Romulus, also took to her own Instagram account to share photo of her own son Ryan’s version of the same painting.

Well, people didn’t believe Kim that North West did that painting by herself so this led to a debate.

Kim hit back by warning people not to mess with her children. She added that North worked so hard on the painting for several weeks.

She went on to take screenshots of people’s reactions to the painting while responding to their reactions.

To those who said Tracy Romulus’ son Ryan has the same painting, Kim told them that’s because both kids take the same art class.

She blasted other critics and showed love to those who believed the paintingbis her daughter’s.

She went on to share paintings done by Kanye West at the same age to show that the talent runs in the blood.

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