Lift installer and two others arrested over death of medical doctor, Vwaere Diaso

Lift installer and two others arrested over death of medical doctor, Vwaere Diaso

The personnel who installed the elevator that killed medical doctor, Vwaere Diaso, at the General Hospital in Odan, Lagos Island on August 1, has been arrested by the Lagos state police command.

This was disclosed by the panel established by the Lagos state government to probe the elevator accident. The panel is expected to submit its initial findings today, August 5.

In a statement released, the permanent secretary, Lagos ministry of information and strategy, Olumide Sogunle, said the installer of the elevator has been handed over to the police for questioning. He stated that the arrest is to ensure his availability when the panel needs him for further questioning.

 The statement in part reads

“The panel met with the facility manager, personnel of LASIAMA, and the management of General Hospital, Lagos. The panel also met with the lift installer and the representatives of the company that installed the elevator. The panel also invited a lift expert to the accident scene to look at the lift and give a preliminary opinion. Other experts would now take the elevator out for a thorough mechanical and electrical examination.

As part of the panel’s activities from the first day when they interviewed the lift installer, they handed him over to the Police for questioning and further interrogation. This is to ensure that the installer will always be available if the panel needs him for further questions.

Six house officers and representatives of the medical associations were appointed as witnesses. Representatives of the house officers and medical associations were allowed to be part of the panel.

The panel was given 48 hours to conclude action and so it will be submitting a report of their initial findings on Saturday. Any other steps to be taken after would be done by the appropriate authorities.”

Vwaere used the lift from the 10th floor of the hospital and was on her way down to pick up a delivery from a dispatch rider when the lift crashed. She sustained serious injuries that later took her life. She was two weeks to completing her Housemanship in the hospital before meeting her untimely death.