Megan Thee Stallion - Something For Thee Hotties Lyrics and Tracklist

Megan Thee Stallion – Tuned In Freestyle Lyrics

This goes out to all y’all tuned in
The hotties, the secret hotties, all you motherf**kers

[Verse 1]
Talk about something y’all like, stop talkin’ ’bout me
Since y’all hate a b*tch so much
The way broke b*tches coming for me, know it gotta be free
But I get paid when I show up
Pressed, stressed, obsessed, I got ’em
Everything I do keep another b*tch talking
Watching my back ’cause these dudes be stalking
Watching my plate got these broke ho*s starving
Damn, you hoes hate me
Ridin’ d*ck so hard, havin’ babies
Y’all b*tches so ugh, stop it
Making everything but a deposit, yeah
Killin’ b*tches, send ’em to the Gulag
Hot girl shit, never let ’em cool off
Make him do what I say, he my voodoo doll
Backshots, balcony, we don’t care who saw
One thing about me that you need to know
I ain’t nothin’ like none of these average ho€s
“‘Cause I f*cking want to,” if they ask me, “Why?”
I’m from the Southside, nigg@s can’t make me cry (Ah)
Nigg@, this head game lethal
Use my tongue, put thread through a needle
B*tch, I’m a movie, these ho£s my sequels
Keep a pu$$y ho real tight like a kegal (Yeah)
Self-esteem high, bank account full
Ho£s goin’ blind tryna look at my jewels
A$$ real fat and my pu$$y get chewed
If I worried ’bout the hate, I’d be a damn f00l (F00l)

Hahaha, if I was worried ’bout y’all nigg@s how y’all be worried about me, I’d be f*cked up too, ayy

[Verse 2]
Your Instagram account seeing more interactions
Than your bank account seeing any transactions
Love to talk sh*t, whole time, I’m laughing
I’ll never give a bum b*tch satisfaction
Why? I’m way too player
Ho£s love sayin’ they a demon, I’m a prayer
Drop a lil’ verse when they get to actin’ up
Put my hand in her face, send her back where she from, uh
B*tch, I’m ’bout my money
Pu$$y out when I’m feelin’ real cunty
He like ’em thick with the accent country
Sell his soul for a sniff of my undi£s
I’ll walk the soul out you like some tennis shoes
I’m finna bust that pu$$y wide like ten-to-two
I got a nigg@, but I find some of you b*tches cute
Cut the convo short, f*ck an interview
I wanna show my wild side, make ’em doo-doo-doo
I got these nigg@s blushin’, lookin’ like they Pikachu
I’m the hot girl, feelin’ like Charizard
And he know he finna win if he get my card (Ah)

Hahaha, real motherf**kin’ hot girl shit, ah